Mid-autumn, when the moon is full, I immerse myself into another dimension until the end of winter, a period during which I am completely cut-off from the world. I divide my time between my clairvoyancy and my creative work. I live in a bubble, a vital requirement for me in order to reconnect with myself and devote myself to my passions, to be myself.

Autumn 2018 – spring 2019

Renaissance series travelling through outer space searching for enigmatic phenomena series

This was the beginning of a new cycle. Renaissance, the Energies of the Universe series.

Looking for escape, I hit the road again, this time to Dali country, a peaceful, exotic place where waves of soothing energies free my mind from any interference. I feel free.

Autumn 2017 – spring 2018

the Pirates series

Landing in Naples, on the lofty heights of the Earth, I sensed a mysterious power of inspiring, tantalising waves.

Most of the canvasses have been designed for children, their vision of art is more developed than that of adults.

Autumn 2016 – spring 2017

A new take on graffiti style


Lisbon bound, arriving to see the blazing sunset over the ocean.

Love at first sight, connections, fusion of energies of waves with cosmic vibrations.

Autumn 2008 – Spring 2009

Saison automne 2007 – printemps 2008

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