On a full moon day, I decide to continue my adventures into the cosmos.

I set off on an entrancing journey of moon cruising.

A voyage with stopovers and visits filling my imagination with breathtaking, blazing phenomena.

Such intense, captivating pleasure throughout the journey (a trance), I really feel a connection to the planet, set to the beat of the music.

An entrancing cruise which inspired the creation of a new divinatory oracle, named after the series ‘moon cruising’.

My thoughts, once back.

The UNIVERSE is an alchemist of the perfection of an endless world.

The UNIVERSE has a past, where the Big Bang originated.

At some future point, far, far away, a Big Bang steeped in new matter, energy and waves will dawn.

There are other dimensions, parallel universes full of life.

The UNIVERSE will always remain a mystery, full of strange phenomena.

Silence does not exist.

The evolution of our species whose civilisation is waning. AUTOMISATION

We humans, in the vastness of this unknown world, are invisible phenomena to the naked eye, viruses of different species.

The world of the paranormal, of the occult, the essence of mystery and fascinating, enthralling, enchanting phenomena. A source of rejuvenation for my mind.

To connect to these feelings, simply harness the waves full of spine-tingling vibrations.

The next dive into my fantasmic dimension, a spontaneous surprise, passion, experiencing dreams through my imagination, eager to get away, discovering other unknown worlds, encounters.

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