Propelled by a gleeful enchantress in the company of the ghost.

A fascinating, thrilling trip into the cosmos to encounter extraterrestrial beings offering spectacular gifts and privileged knowledge to protect and guide us.

Waves are a phenomenal species, contributing to the development of the universe, and also to creating life.

They showed us how to detect bad waves, revealed the evolution of the cosmos and the emergence of a new Big Bang. 

They explained that homosexuality is a very natural part of nature and the universe.

Humans, a species whose civilisation is already waning.

Life and death are integral parts of a perfect cosmos.

Many years ago, I was told by an astrologist that I had a special connection to death.

When I create paintings and talisman, I enter a trance, experiencing these beneficial, hugely positive waves that are then passed on in each canvas.

Find my predictions on, in the 2006-2007-2008 blog entries. 
Example: A deadly mutant virus sent hurtling towards us by nature. 

Next starting point: in the company of the ghost.


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