An eye for an eye - Dimension Fantasmic
An eye for an eye - Dimension Fantasmic

5 – An eye for an eye

the Warriors – break time at the school of witchcraft – casting spells
Medium :
Dimensions :
Technique(s) :
Collection :
Linen canvas
100 x 100 cm
Graffiti art painting


Take a look friend, the foolish vampires, dick suckers, tart fuckers, coke users, they’ve stolen the magic potion spell.

Ha. Ha. Ha. They’ll need to watch out the stupid losers, while escaping over the horizons, they left a trace behind of obscure, acidic waves.

BEEP BEEP – the Third Eye wakes up at the school of warrior witches. Searching through the cosmic network.

BEEP-BEEP – vampires found, via the JESTER app, ref: ID number BJ /  SS / 42 / from the SECOND-CLASS-TRICKS-CONNECTION tribe.

They were beaten up by electromagnetic waves and sent into an infernal spiral, with a horde of bad spells to keep them company.

Tears of laughter roll down their cheeks at the school of warrior witches.

After the euphoric, fantasmic ascension of the magic potion.

The side effects kick in, BAM BAM BAM, OW, OW, OW, it hurts. They land on their hands and knees, THEIR DICKS AT HALF MAST, FOSSILISED.

Inspired by a real-life experience.

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