Who am I?

Click on malikavoyance.com, the shadow site, to discover more about me (my life philosophy, beliefs) and see how my activity has transformed from fortune telling, to artistic creation.

I also design my own divinatory cards. I take inspiration from the world of the occult, ancestry, genetic and cultural heritage.

Self-taught, at 50 years old, when it all suddenly happened, very unexpectedly, I was somewhat troubled by it all, and was unable to understand this disconcerting phenomenon which I couldn’t control (almost like being under a spell).  Like a fascinating odyssey had led me to discover my true self.

I paint visions, feelings and talismans.

My artistic creations

Directly taken from my spontaneity and passions: -> -> -> feelings ->->-> visions ->->-> creations steeped with magic, pulsating with fantasmic waves.

Linked to the invisible universe of on and vibrations and the world of the occult.


My style is one of a clairvoyant, outsider art, surrealism. I paint on large scale linen canvas (minimum 1 metre by 1 metre, maximum 2 metres by 1 metre).

At the beginning of my artistic career, I used acrylic paint. But this, along with brushes and easels, soon lacked enough interest. For several years now, I have chosen to create using sprays, ink and other types of graffiti paint. Tools of the trade which suit me and enable me to feel the fusion of movement and space, making me feel free and fulfilled. And this enables my imagination to take off.

By painting on canvas, directly on the floor, my creative process is spontaneous, without any draft versions or backtracking. I find using these pictorial techniques fascinating, for there is little room for error. For me, it is a passion which sends me into a whirlwind of elation, of frenzy.  The finished pieces are always a revelation.

I have produced around 230 paintings, some of which have the unusual feature of phosphorescent effects, giving them a different aspect when seen in the dark. Others are diptychs and triptychs, whose parts are interchangeable.

My work includes two pieces which were made entirely using eggs, without any dyes, applied only by hand.


I have created a series of 70 skulls, entitled The Warriors. They were designed using animal bones and skins, gemstones, gold and silver: raw materials which give me inspiration and energy which helps me connect to my roots, my origins, my background which is steeped in ancestral traditions.

These sculptures are all presented on semi-precious stone bases, as well as bones set with crystals.


As a photography enthusiast, I have developed a technique to produce phantasmagorical, enigmatic shots with the aim of offering a unique perspective to tarot.

These different materials produce feelings and emotions within me which bring me alive. The tempo for my creative work is set by the seasons. It is a very cyclical process.

These artistic displays are enchantments, which fulfil a deep-rooted desire to escape and also represent an internal healing process.

Each one is unique, representing divinatory cards (tarot, oracles).

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